A Peek into Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most breathtaking skylines you can imagine (refer to image above!). This former British colony has become a major tourist destination for travelers from all around the world. It has also become an important hub in East Asia and is a true international metropolis.  Today, Hong Kong truly is an international metropolis full of diversity–while a majority of the population is Chinese, many people from all over the world also call Hong Kong home. The climate is sub-tropical but the air is cooling because of the sea breezes. While Hong Kong does enjoy four seasons, the maximum temperature in Hong Kong is only about 90°F in summer and the lowest is about 50°F in winter.

Around the City

There are ample things to see and do in Hong Kong. You’ll find that the architecture in Hong Kong is both traditional and modern. You’ll find glass-walled skyscrapers, but also traditional heritage all over the city.  You’ll also find that there is more to Hong Kong than just tall buildings; outside of the main city, you’ll find breathtaking scenery and landscapes. Hiking is a weekend activity you’ll definitely want to have on your to-do list. If you’re not a nature person, Hong Kong also has various theme parks for you to enjoy.

The Culture

Hong Kong’s culture was born from China, but because of its 150-year rule as a British colony (and political separation from mainland China), they have a unique local identity. Cantonese is the most widely spoken language in Hong Kong today–learning just a few phrases will get you far. Because of the unique culture in Hong Kong, there are festivals and holidays year-round that reflect the melting-pot of people that populate the city. Some of the largest festivals you’ll find are the Lunar New Year, Spring Lantern Festival, and Christmas.

Startup Scene

The startup industry in Hong Kong is still in its early stages which means enormous levels of growth for new companies. Today, Hong Kong is working its way to becoming one of Asia’s hottest startup hubs, especially in Fintech and Internet of Things (IoT).  In fact, Acadine raised $100M in June 2015. Following that, Hong Kong based fintech startup WeLab raised $160M by itself in early 2016. Accelerators and incubators such as BluePrint, Cyberport, and Nest are booming in today’s industry. If you’re ever looking to test the water in Hong Kong, Web Wednesday, Startup Grind, and CoCoon Pitch are events to look out for!