This blog post was written by David Meyer, one of our summer marketing interns.

What to Know

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, only smaller than Sydney. It is the capital of Victoria, which is one of six states in Australia. The British colonized Australia in 1770, and it is true that over half of the people sent there in the early years were convicts. More travelers came after, especially in search of gold once it was discovered in the area. In 1901, Australia became an independent nation. It has since become a thriving nation. Melbourne is one of its main cities. It is the reigning most livable city according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Rankings, which is based on a variety of factors from healthcare to infrastructure. It has held this title for the past six years. It is a fantastic city to wander around and in which to live.

What to Do

Melbourne has a unique and fun culture. It is world-renowned for its art and history museums. Melbourne is also obsessed with sports. Cricket, Australian football, and rugby are popular, as well as the ever popular Australian Open. Nature in Melbourne is gorgeous and easily accessible due to the presence of national parks. Melbourne is known for its nightlife, with plenty of arcades and clubs. The foodie culture is also impressive, with Attica featured 33rd on the list of 50 Best Restaurants in the World. It is a great city for walking around and exploring. There is a lot of great coffee too, which often makes appearances during business meetings.

Startup Scene

The startup community in Melbourne is flourishing. Forbes compares Melbourne to San Francisco’s startup scene because of its interconnected community. Melbourne is also home to two different Startup Weeks, which provide even more opportunities for startups to branch out and work together. Some well-known Melbourne startups include RedBubble and 99Designs. We are sending fellows to many startups in Melbourne, such as Liven, a new food app, and CoderFactory, a coding academy. Our cohort is excitedly anticipating their upcoming experience in Melbourne!