You know that feeling when you want something really bad, you work hard to get it and then, one day...YOU DO!? That's exactly how Sage Corps Fellow and Schuler Scholar, Alaina Toatley, felt when she found out she became a Sage Corps Fellow and was heading to Dublin this summer.

I worked really hard on my application, and it felt great to finally have some of that work pay off, so I was beyond excited! I can see that each person in the Sage Corps community is really going places and Im grateful to get to become part of that.
— Alaina Toatley, Vassar College

In June, Alaina will meet 9 additional Fellows who were also carefully selected to be a part of this summer's Dublin Cohort (meet everyone below!) Their journey will start with a 2 day orientation gaining the skills needed to work at a startup (Hint: Stanford’s Virtual Crash Course in design thinking). They will also get the rare oportunity to experience, first hand, Dublin's booming startup ecosystem - visiting host startups AND incubators, meeting Dublin's rising entrepreneurs as well as a guest appearance from Sage Corps alum, Sageanne Senneff! Not convinced yet that global experience is transformational? Try this #SageCorpsStory on for size:

Sageanne went to Dublin last summer, pitched her start-up idea at Google Start Up Weekend and stayed in Dublin after the summer to participate in an entrepreneurship program. And she's still there!

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We can't wait to see what other inspiring stories come out of this summer's Dublin Cohort (and who knows - maybe one day our alums will be hosting future Fellows at their global startup!)

here they are: Sage Corps' summer '16 dublin cohort

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