GoodPeople are Really Cool People!

Licking envelopes, sorting spreadsheets, and reporting to a young associate...sound like your past internship experience?  Not here.  Sage Corps Fellows are not only given incredible responsibilities at their host startups, they work alongside the co-founders! One of our awesome partner startups, GoodPeople, has teamed up with Sage Corps for two years....and they've seen fantastic results from our Fellows.  

“Go Big, Do Good”

In 2009, four entrepreneurs on two continents founded a global startup with the motto: “Go Big, Do Good.” And we love their style! CEO Pablo Orlando and his co-founders harnassed their passion for extreme sports (think: ski, skate, and surf) to launch GoodPeople. Funded by investors in Argentina and Silicon Valley, GoodPeople has built a powerful niche brand in North and South America. They also landed partnerships with ESPN and its famed X Games. Badass.

Why is GoodPeople, Good People?

GoodPeople’s mission is to provide an online experience where sports enthusiasts around the world can have fun shopping while making new friends, building networks and supporting the community.  Website users can shop their favorite brands, sell their own awesome gear or connect with others who share similar sporting, business, or life passions.  Additionally, GoodPeople’s online community gives back by supporting sustainable businesses, nonprofits, and a healthy environment.

Sage Corps and GoodPeople

Our love affair with GoodPeople began in 2013 when we parachuted Sage Corps Fellow Andrew Hausdorf into Buenos Aires to work with Pablo and his team. Andrew was able to experience the “many hats and all hands-on-deck aspects of startups.”

“At GoodPeople, I worked and talked with everyone in the Buenos Aires and San Francisco offices.  This made it easy to grow professionally because I was able to hop around different departments,” Andrew explains, “I could be learning about company structure and general startup topics with [the CEO] one day, then work with the developers on user sign-up strategies, then design sponsorship brochures and look for leads with the sales team in SF.”

What stuck out to Andrew? The team's passion for extreme sports and the "Go Big Do Good" mantra. “It was inspiring to be around that kind of energy and made it easy to work during hectic times because I knew how much GoodPeople meant to everyone who worked there,” Andrew continues.

Two years later, Sage Corps and GoodPeople continue to offer unique opportunities for top U.S. university students to work with a global startup. “Our Sage Corps Fellows have been a great help to our success,” explains Pablo Orlando, GoodPeople CEO. And we look forward to future Sage Corps Fellows doing big things with GoodPeople!