It's the day after Thanksgiving and your belly's just now recovering from an amazing meal and the many laughs you had when your "crazy Uncle Bill" hid the "Tofurky" from your "vegan Aunt Janet." Life feels full but something's missing: Your summer internship plans.

In Sage Corps Alum, Giray Ozseker's first #FellowFriday post, he answered "why you should intern at a startup rather than a corporation" (i.e. "more responsibility, more opportunity, your work will be recognized, you'll work in an awesome environment" etc.). In this short but sweet #FellowFriday, Giray takes this topic a step further and argues why you don't need to know coding or how to create a business plan in order to work at a startup.

My major is not really a “startup major” like Computer Science or Business. How can I work for a startup, and how would that even help me?


This immensely rapid learning experience was something I never found in any course I took at college.
— Sage Corps Alum, Giray Ozseker

"This is what's most fun about working at a startup. Even though many people don’t know, anyone can do anything with proper preparation. I had some experience in data analysis, yet I had never coded. I was expected to code in two programming languages that I didn’t know, so I sat down and taught myself how to do it. The learning curve was really high, and before going into work, I was very intimidated by the lack of knowledge I had. My co-workers were amazingly helpful, and that was what changed the game. They told me, “OK, just learn SQL, some basics of data analytics, and we’ll work from there.” So did I. I tried to pick up all the basics before my internship started, and the first day I was there, they had me start on a project. Pablo, who was a computer scientist by training, spent a day walking me through the essential things that I needed, and let me take it from there. For the first few weeks, I bothered him many times with my questions (maybe, in fact, too many), yet by the end of my internship I was coding on SQL and R, taking the assignment from scratch and delivering within a week. This immensely rapid learning experience was something I never found in any course I took at college. This is why, if you want to learn something, you will learn it very quickly and very well, working for a startup."

(P.S. Next week, Giray wraps up his series of #FellowFriday by answering these two questions: "What was your favorite part living abroad? What was the hardest part?")

                       View from the top of Argentina's mountains (Photo Cred: Giray)

                       View from the top of Argentina's mountains (Photo Cred: Giray)


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Hailing from Istanbul, Giray Ozseker aspires to be a global professional. He is finishing up his Economics degree at Rice University in Houston, while getting ready for his career as a public accountant. As a wannabe data scientist on the side, Giray is a Sage Corps alum who has done his internship at Auth0 in Buenos Aires as a Data Intern in 2015.