Summer/winter quarter Programs

Study and internship abroad students exploring their host country. 


Sage Corps is not your typical 9-5 internship or classroom experience.

Whether you're majoring in International Studies, Philosophy, Business, Computer Science, Engineering (or all of the above) - the Sage Corps Entrepreneurship Program will give your résumé an "entrepreneurial edge". You'll prove that you're self-motivated, innovative and ready to take on any challenge.

You may build a supply chain for a surfing startup in Sydney, a prosthetic leg in Santiago, or a new algorithm for a FinTech startup in London. This 8-week summer program will push you outside your comfort zone as you intern abroad at a global startup and explore a new city like you've never done before.

Our summer and winter quarter program typically offer full-time internships, but students are also welcome to apply for part-time positions in special circumstances. 

Study and internship abroad students during a meeting at their startup companiy. 


When was the last time you took a leap? One that challenged you to courageously step outside charted academia and into a new way of learning? As a global entrepreneurship program, Sage Corps Fellows learn by doing at global tech startups.

Leap Summer is a 12 week immersive credit-bearing experience that will combine timeless curriculum around Business, Design Thinking & Storytelling with a global experience alongside remarkable peers,  Our good friends at Experience Institute have collaborated with brilliant minds from Stanford's Design School, Georgetown, Leo Burnett, and Google to design the most helpful tools and resources for students who are aiming to learn through experience. After the first two-weeks of preparatory meetings and curriculum with Leap Summer, you'll gain real world experience with a global startup. Students continue the curriculum through an online course, and upon completion, students receive a recommended 12 course credits.